Nice Weather We're Having: Dialogue Series

– the coffee shop-

– the coffee shop-

An older, elegant woman walks into a half-empty, quaint coffee shop. She goes to buy a brownie, but a handsome young gentleman catches her eye. She walks over to him as he sits sipping his steaming, hot coffee. She takes a seat.

“Excuse me, mam, that’s my lap,” he says.

She looks at him smiling devilishly. “Mam? Well aren’t you polite,” she replies.

She gulps his coffee unbothered by the hotness.

“How did you do that?” he asks bewildered.

“What’s a guy like you doing in a place like this,” she asks.

“I wanted coffee so…” he answered.

“I love a man who knows what he wants,” she professed.

She rubs her fingers through his hair and fiddles with one of the buttons on his shirt. He sits frozen.

“I’m sorry, but who are…,” he says. “Shhh,” she replies.

She places her finger over his lips. He gives an unpleasant look.

“Your finger smells weird,” he said.

She’s smiles slightly embarrassed. She unbuttons one of his top buttons seductively.

“Uh-oh,” she says teasingly. “I think we both want the same thing.”

“What is it that I want?” he responds with a confused voice.

She whispers in his ear, “You see that brownie? With nuts? ”

“I have a nut allergy,” he responds.

She stares at him silently for a moment; then, casually walks over to the counter and purchases the brownie. She then returns back to the table with young man this time sitting across from him. She takes a bite of the brownie.

“I’m not good at these kind of things,” she confesses.

“Nice to meet you I’m Lisa,” she says with a nervous smile. “Nice weather we’re having.”



“Nice Weather We’re Having” is a quirky, short dialogue series with a play on conversation starters. Enjoy!


Anonymous Adventures at Williams St. – Welcome

Many of you maybe wondering, what is Williams Street? Well, if you’re not, then pretend you are and don’t spoil it for the others.

When I tell people I work for Adult Swim, the first response I get is, “It must be fun to work there.” Well, I have news for you, it is fun. Then, that usually follows with, “Have you met anyone famous yet?” Yes, I get to work with the main cast of our streaming show Fishcenter everyday. However, what people fail to realize is that Adult Swim is just like any other office. Of course there are some highlights, such as having the inside scoop on some of the most popular shows produced there like Rick and Morty and Robot Chicken and being able to immerse oneself in their absurdly creative culture that is unparalleled. It’s the simple pleasures of William Street that deserve the most attention.

Just like any office there is the insane abundance of chocolate, the often times overdone pun-filled mass emails, the friendly, yet overzealous security, the random appearances of fruit throughout the building, the mass constipation of employees and let’s not forget the invisible lost and found. Okay, maybe that doesn’t exist in every workplace, but that’s what makes Williams Street special! Every day is an opportunity for discovery of spontaneity in the office. It’s a chance to discover more random bananas by the Keurig machine, it’s a day to not hit the reply-all button to the chain of email puns, and it’s a chance to discover what new chocolates they’ve put in the candy jar that day. Will it be the new Hershey’s Cookie Crunch or the Reese’s Pieces Big Cup?

Follow me as we journey through the sweet intricacies of Adult Swim on Williams Street weekly. Who am I you may ask? Let’s hold on to that mystery, shall we. Also, it would ruin the validity of the blog’s title, which I worked really hard on coming up with.

As the great Morty once brilliantly stated, “Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We’re all going to die. Come watch TV.”